In this blog I will share

A redirection link is provided to redirect users back to the home page if the new user request is selected. Thank you to Kenny Stanford for helping me out with the web updates.

EndUsers requesting a new AD user creation is not a scenario for customers I have engaged with and the update to the page has been done due to the additional steps required to remove the hardcoded link. Instead we took the approach of presenting the end user with a message and hyper-link explaining the feature is not in use (non developer approach and business solution).

Disclaimer: This has been tested and implemented at Customers I have worked directly with and is provided with no warranty or support. The golden rule is test test test before implementing in a live environment.

Steps to replace the existing Portals:

  • Backup current Enduser  and Analyst portal sub-directories.
  • Stop the SCSMPortal Site


  •  Rename the Analyst and EndUser sub-directories to .old as a rollback option.
  • Extract the ZIP file in this blog post to a temporary location
  • Copy the Extracted EndUser and Analyst directories to the original portal locations.
  • Restart the SCSMPortal website and test
  • The resulting site should look like below with the new Sharepoint style and the redirection link