A little introduction

It has been a while since I wrote my last post.

This is deliberate! Over the last 2.5years I have contributed to 2 unleashed books and designed and been the lead author of 3 Cookbooks (The collection)

That is a lot of late nights and weekends having fun and no sleep. The upside is working with some fantastic experts who not only contributed to my creations, but enhanced my knowledge ten fold.

Now back to the subject of this blog post.

One of the challenges of building a lab or test environment is making it realistic. After exhausting cartoon names and manually creating service accounts for System Center, it was time to improve. I found the foundation for my solution online (link at the end of the post).

I enlisted my PowerShell smart buddies Natascia Heil and Lee Berg who contributed to the final solution.

Solution Summary  available in the TechNet Gallery (Download here)

This solution creates the following Active Directory(AD) objects for the use in lab environments

  • Organization Units (OU). Purpose: user, department, computer and service account management
  • Groups, User and System Center service account groups

System Center OUs, users and Groups

Autocreate AD1

Organisation Users (392) in multiple departments and groups

2Autocreate AD1

Acknowledgements go to  Chris Davis for the original idea and script foundation.