You are not imaging this!

Microsoft announces a first in how you as an IT Pro can get to the cloud using a comprehensive set of free resources.

Would you like to have a structured way to learn about Microsoft Cloud Technologies?

Do this at your pace with no credit card required?

How about what your current role translates to as an IT Pro Cloud role and the free courses you can take (with free exam vouchers)?

Here is how and what!

Microsoft just launched two great “Free” initiatives to address the challenges an IT Pro faces today when it comes to ramping up on the cloud technologies.

The resources launched are:

IT Pro Cloud Essentials and IT and IT Pro Careers.

I had the honour of meeting the leader of the team behind what I believe is a game changer in the Journey to the Cloud for the IT Pro.

Check it out yourself through the website and these great videos explaining the program and what you get for free!

Go on have a go!

IT Pro Cloud Essentials is here and it is Free