· Disable all connectors on the SCSM management server (CMDB)

· Create an Encryption key backup for all Management servers

· Backup all SCSM databases and the SSRS databases

· Backup all management packs

· Backup all DLLs for the custom MPs (e.g. Exchange connector)

· Install CU on DW

· Install CU on SCSM CMDB server and all secondary management servers

· Enable all Connectors

· Install CU on all consoles in use

· Install the Authoring Tool update on all systems with the Authoring tool installed on

Detailed Steps

Disable all Connectors

In the SCSM Console |Administration Node |Connectors qq3fxrkb
 Connector disabled message fxtwecvy

Create and Encryption key backup for all Management servers

Create a local folder e.g. C:\BKUPEN dppjnwxq
Insert the SCSM installation media (e.g. SCSM with SP1 ) | Navigate to  .\AMD64\Tools\SecureStorageBackup\SecureStoragebackup.exe  |Run as  Administrator btzdgfum
 Click Next ztkghxth
 Select Backup the Encryption Key | Next hxnpijgx
 Browse to the location you will be storing the Encryption Key file whtuclw0
 Specify a filename with a .BIN extension pjj0ncxb
 Provide a password yahomayd
 Click Next ms3i0hod
Copy the Encryption files to a network location


Backup all SCSM databases and the SSRS databases

Process using SQL Server Management Studio crmwrcqe
 Right Click the database to be backed up | Tasks |Backup…. zqw4yr1r
 Select the media type |In this example you can back up to the local disk using the default SQL backup location |using a filename identifying the database e.g. ServiceManager.BAK 2qfwbms5
Repeat for all DBs yaypsxic
Ensure the Backups are stored anywhere other than the SQL servers local drives

Install CU3 on DW

 Download the update | right Click | Run as administrator v0gockhe
 Read and Agree |Install ktpp0hgq
 Update starts ezveiaon
 Close djb00vlm
Check services and if the Data Access Service is not running, start it 4ikb5bbn

Install CU3 on all other management servers starting with Workflow /CMDB Management Server (Use same steps as DW update above)

Enable all Connectors

 In the SCSM Console |Administration Node |Connectors q14wtnebbpyaj305
 Connector Enabled message rglserdv

Update all Management Consoles

In the next post, I will show you how you can use SCCM 2007 to deploy the CU to all your consoles.